Our partners, funders, donors, and volunteers are vital to the success of Refugee Women's Network.
With your support, we inspire and equip countless women survivors of war to thrive in their new country.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  •  Are you interested in organizing a fundraising drive on behalf of Refugee Women’s Network among your professional colleagues, friends and family?
  • Does your company offer a workplace matching gift program that will double the impact of your contribution?
  • Would you like to establish a monthly contribution to support the specific needs of an individual or family?

 Your charitable donation to Refugee Women’s Network (RWN) goes a long way to support our work on behalf of refugee women and their families. RWN offers opportunities to sponsor individuals, families and groups at a range of contribution levels. All contributions to RWN are tax-deductible.

Give Inspiration: $150
Social Adjustment
     - Information & Referral Appointment
     - Individual Sustainability Planning
     - Home Management Training
     - Emergency/Crisis Intervention & Support
     - Health/Wellbeing Intervention & Support
     - Women’s/Men’s Support Groups
Economic Empowerment
     - Individual Employment Planning
     - Employment Strategies, including resumé, job search,
        application and interviewing

Give Resiliency: $500
Social Adjustment
     - Social Adjustment Workshop for 15 People
     - Women’s Health Workshop for 15 People
Economic Empowerment
     - Employment Workshop for 15 people
     - Specialized Employment Preparation

 Give Sustainability: $5000
Sponsor our Social Adjustment Program for One Month
Sponsor our Economic Empowerment Program for One month

Give Hope: $50
Social Adjustment
     - Interpretation & Translation
     - English Language Training Referral
Economic Empowerment

     - Basic Employment Preparation
     - Individual Vocational Training
Citizenship & Immigration

     - General Information Appointment

Give Strength: $250
Social Adjustment
     - Family Self-Sufficiency Planning
     - Coordinating Basic Needs of 10 Families
Economic Empowerment
     - Job Orientation & Placement
     - Citizenship & Immigration
     - Green Card Application Process
     - U.S. Citizenship Application Process

Give Empowerment: $1000
Sponsor a Family of Four for One Month