Social Adjustment

Social Adjustment services are provided to help refugees assimilate into their new lives in the U.S. and to encourage self-reliance so that individuals and families can successfully navigate similar situations in the future. Social adjustment services include:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Work Plan Development and Management
  • Integration and Emotional Counseling
  • Home Management
  • Emergency/Crisis Intervention
  • Health and Mental Health Services



Leadership Training gives refugee and immigrant women the skills and confidence to be advocates for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

The goals of the Leadership Program are to:

  1.  strengthen women’s abilities to be leaders in their homes, businesses and communities;
  2. improve the communities in which refugee and immigrant women live;
  3.  increase advocacy by the refugee and immigrant women and their community members;
  4.  increase their capacity to access community resources; and
  5. build allies across ethnicities for civic participation and community building.

Past graduates of the Leadership Program have gone on to establish their own nonprofits that serve refugee women, including Tapestri, Fatima's Refuge, and Ujima Collective. 

Economic Development  

Women’s Economic Empowerment services are provided to equip refugee and immigrant women with the knowledge and resources to become economically self-sufficient through employment, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Economic development services include:

  • Needs Assessment and Work Plan Development
  • Work Readiness Training and Workshops
  • Financial Literacy Training and Workshops
  • Business Development Training
  • Micro-Lending Program
  • Technical Assistance 
  • Networking Opportunities and Events